- a project from and for sport fans

This portal is a peer to peer file sharing service where people, tourist regions or organisations release GPS tours which can be downloaded for free.

Everyone can register to release tours on his own.

We would like to thank the following persons who are responsible for the success of

  • Catbit
  • Dittmann Rene
  • Hörig Thomas
  • Kittler Erwin
  • Kuttner-Raaz Brigitte
  • Lohmeier Udo
  • Meisl Jürgen
  • Moser Ulf
  • Poschacher Rupert
  • Rendel Ingo
  • Schröder Christian
  • Schröder Dietmar
  • Schuh Reinhard
  • Schröck Gerald
  • Schröder Volker
  • Schwarz Dirk
  • Stoll Christoph
  • Stöhr Walter
  • Tauchmann Alexander
  • ...

    The persons above published loads of tours at But of course we want to thank all other tour authors as well who are not listed above. (There would be to many.)

    A short history of is a project which began out of private interest on sports. The portal was originally a birthday present for a mountainbike fan (Ingo) who records and collects GPS tours frequently.

    The platform was not only well received by mountainbikers and friends of Ingo but also by people from other outdoor sectors. National and international requests evidenced that the time is ripe for the integration of in tourism.

    Because of high interest in the platform has been upgraded. Meanwhile it is the most innovative tour portal in Austria and one of the leading ones in Europe. includes highest technical standard in data warehousing. 



    The technological know-how, the content management system and the webspace is powered by XorteX eBusiness GmbH ( situated in Neufelden in Mühlviertel (Upper Austria) where Mag. Thomas Olbrich is the man who keeps the portal up to date. 

    The following persons have supported the platform’s development:
    Dietmar Pointner, Andreas Ofner, Wolfgang Höglinger, Harald Kriegner, Ingo Rendel, Christian Schröder und Dietmar Schröder.