Saving the track to your PC

A variety of programs are available for transferring track data from your GPS device to your PC or vice-versa. On we use the G7ToWin freeware.

  1. If the track is in Active Log ("RAM") of your device, it can be directly uploaded. If the track is already saved with name or date, the Active Log has to be deleted before the upload so that the tour is not saved twice on your PC.
  2. Connecting a GPS device to your computer using a data cable (serial ports, USB, etc.)
    (For computers without serial interfaces (most newer laptops), there are adapter cables available at computer shops for serial devices so that you can connect them with USB cables.)
  3. Turn onyour GPS device
  4. Start G7ToWin
  5. Under File / Configuration you have to select the correct interface (COM port). (see "G7ToWin Installation")
  6. The transfer of all data from the GPS device to the PC can be started by selecting GPS / Download from GPS / All.

  7. Now all of the data will be on your PC. This data still has to be saved to the hard drive (File / Save As)
    Please use the .gpx (GPX) file type because this format is required for publishing tours on

    Only one tour should be saved in the GPX file. But G7ToWin will load all tracks that you have saved on the GPS device.
    Go to Tracks / List in order to select or delete individual tours until only the one tour remains that you actually want to save.

    Deleting tours:
    In the first column the tours are numbered. To delete a tour, look for the first line of the tour you want to delete from the list.
    Move the cursor to the tour number, click the right mouse button and select Delete selected track to delete the track.
    To make it easier, you can find the date a track was drawn in the "Track name" column (in the line with the tour number).
    All of the tracks that are not to be saved can be deleted this way.