General tips for publishing tracks on


Just as data can be loaded onto your GPS device using G7ToWin, it is also possible to transfer data the other way, that is, load data from the GPS device onto the tour site. If you want to publish a tour on the site, go through the following steps:

  1. Log in or register
    To publish tours, you need to be registered.


  2. Creating new tours
    On the right in the navigation area select "Create new tour". A 3-step form will appear. Please fill it out as thoroughly as possible.

  3. 1st step: Basic information and track data
    Enter the basic info for the tour and the track file here.

    TIP: The track file must have a .gpx extension! Please be precise when specifying the region! When entering a link, always begin with http://...!

  4. 2nd step: Description and score
    Enter statistical data for the tour here - if it is not automatically prepopulated with information.  We encourage you to enter a subjective score that will communicate your impressions of the tour.

  5. 3rd step: Pictures and videos
    Add up to 5 pictures of the tour here.  The accepted formats are JPG, PNG and GIF. You can also enter a YouTube video ID here if you want. That will link the video directly to the tour.

  6. Save and activated
    If you have completed all 3 steps, click "Finish".  An overview list will appear with the tour you just saved.
    IMPORTANT: In order to make this tour visible to other users, you have to publish it using the "Activate" function.
    Now the tour is published and visible to everyone.