Enjoying GPS tours in nature

  1. Get to your starting point and turn on the GPS device. Satellites will be sought and should be found within 3 minutes in order to determine the position. You should not be in a building. There must be a clear view to the sky.
  2. Now you select the desired track in the Track menu and confirm the navigation (it appears after confirming the track with OK).
  3. Select "Beginning" or "End" and you can go ahead.
  4. Select the desired view, map view or compass, and follow the route or arrow.
  5. Enjoy the tour

TIP: In the map view you can use the Up/Down buttons to enlarge or shrink the view.
TIP: If you want to stop the tour, just turn off your GPS device. Later, return to the same point, turn on the device once again, select the desired tour and confirm the navigation - see above.