General tips for drawing tours

In general, you should take a good look at a map to get a rough idea of the tour. In addition to the tour descriptions and our site features, this will help users when selecting tours. If you want to plan a tour in advance, you can also do that with an electronic map. To do this, you need digital map materials and software for transferring data to your GPS device.

Map materials (available in book stores or specialty shops):

Using these maps you will be able to put together a tour. The software also provides you with a writing tool that you can use to draw the tour on the map, point for point. This tour (points list) can then be saved on the computer and loaded into a GPS device. Once the data has been saved in the GPS device, you can then follow the tour.

Software for transferring the desired tours to your GPS device:

The digital maps from Kompass Verlag can communicate with GPS devices and do not require any further software.

Austria Map and Top50 Karten (maps) save tours in OVL format. In order to load the data onto your GPS device you have to download the freeware Garfile. This software can read the OVL data and transfer it to the GPS device. For more information about using this software go to the GPS Cookbook.

The desired tour is then easy to follow with the GPS device. But it is still important to actually do the tour since natural contours most often differ from the maps. In addition, map materials do not (yet) provide elevation data.