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Tour #160183: Bike and hike to Watzmann

Kategorie: Transalp
Deutschland » Bayern » Berchtesgaden » bayerische voralpen

Bike and Hite from Münche-Ost to Schönau / Wimbachbrücke (starting point to Watzmannn).

Both 2000 m up and down.

Our way to Watzmann was a good balance between less traffic on country roads (80% asphalt and 20 % other) in order to do the bike tour on one day (to), second day to hike to mountain Watzmann and to return by bike on third day. Day one and day three are identical and were recorded.

If we would repeat the tour, we would look for an alternative route between Asling and Rott am Inn. The way distance between these villages is about 10 km.

Other than these 10 km, you will see the beauty ouf this country (flowers, country houses, lake Chiemsee, crossing many bridges / rivers).

Congratulations to my friend Thomas who spend many days to find this route.



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