Preparations for drawing

  1. Delete
    All tracks, routes and trail points on your device should be deleted so that they are not linked with the new drawing later. When doing so, be sure that the Active Log (RAM) and the saved tracks are also deleted. If you leave the saved tracks on your device, it may lead to complications when it comes time to publish.
  2. Pack writing materials and utensils
    When setting trail points, you should also note on a piece of paper what the point is for - in addition to the number, of course. Using software (e.g. G7ToWin) you will be able to edit the notes much more easily than doing it directly in the GPS device.
  3. Bring a digital camera
    ... in order to get the right shots of the tour's surroundings and add them to the tour when you publish. 
  4. Check materials
    Before every tour you should carry out a crosscheck.
    Are your shifters, brakes, bearings, chain and tires  OK? 
    Are your bindings set up correctly?
    Do I have the right equipment with me? Sun cream, sunglasses, helmet, wind and rain jacket, clothing to suit the weather conditions, etc.
  5. Packing supplies
    Don't forget food. Bring plenty to drink.
  6. Read the directions how to get there carefully
    This makes it easier to find the starting point, for one thing, and saves time. 
  7. Pack your trusty old map 
    You may need it to find the starting point of a tour or as a backup in case your GPS receiver fails - perhaps in dense forest, a deep canyon or due to some other unforeseeable reason.
  8. Replacement batteries
    Load all batteries or pack replacement batteries for your GPS device.
  9. Bring a mobile phone
    In case of an accident you can use the phone to specify GPS coordinates and organize a quick rescue.