Transferring track to your GPS device

  1. Turn on the GPS device. Select "TRACKS" in the main menu. First you should delete everything (that is, your Active Log, RAM data, storage allocations) including the current tracks saved on your device. This will help prevent linking old tracks with new ones.
  2. Go to File / Open to open the desired tour in the appropriate program, for example G7ToWin, and specify the path where the tour is on your computer.
  3. Linking your computer to your GPS device using a cable.
  4. To begin the transfer onto your GPS device, using G7ToWin for example, go to GPS / Upload to GPS / All

TIP: When uploading, be sure that everything will be loaded onto the GPS device. In G7ToWin, for example, use Upload to GPS /
to save the points of the track on your device.


5. Now check whether the tour was saved on your GPS device. In the main menu, select "Track". Under
the saved tracks listed there you should be able to see the one you just transferred. If you cannot, it is still in the Active Log.
In this case, go to Storage Allocations area and select "Save track" in the Track menu.
After saving, the track should now be in the list.




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